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Le Nouveau Commerce

The review Le Nouveau Commerce, founded in 1963 by André Dalmas and Marcelle Fonfreide, offered the discovery of writers, philosophers and poets, while encouraging the rereading of forgotten works. The last published notebook bears the n ° 100, after 33 years of publication.

"Our purpose is to present texts, and texts of value. We want to do it without hierarchy: in the New Commerce, a stranger can be next to an illustrious writer without anyone worrying about questions of precedence. We don't care about fashions either.

The journal does not wait for the flood of manuscripts: each text is an order, - because you have to go ahead of what you want, and not not fill each number with what came. The texts blend together, and each notebook, however varied it may be, can have the value of a book. We have gathered texts by Jean Paulhan, André Pieyre de Mandiargues, Julien Gracq, Henri Thomas, Michel Deguy, Jean Grosjean, François Michel, for example."

AlterPublishing republishes, with the agreement of Editions José Corti, the works of Nouveau Commerce in digital format.

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