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You are an independent publisher? You regularly allow talented authors to access quality publication?

But your books fund is sleeping, your paper books are sold out and reprint is expensive and risky!

Did you know that readers are looking for sold outs, missing volumes and lost works? That the digital format is a second chance for your authors? The republishing of print books as ebooks is a growing market?

You doubt the impact of the digital? According to a study by GfK presented on the digital scene Paris Book Fair 2012, more than 1 million paid downloads of digital books has generated 12 million euros in turnover. And for 2012, the projections of the study point to a lower range of 33 million euros thanks to digital books ... and 75 million euros in turnover top!

You do not have a website? Neither the tools to transform your paper books in digital format? You do not have the investment and expertise to invest in this market revival?

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