The Alterpublishing Books Award


The AlterPublishing e-Books Award highlights ebooks published in the year written by an author who has not yet received a literary prize

The AlterPublishing e-Books Award is organised every year.

The only objective data used by AlterPublishing for the award is the number of comments received by book and the highest overall score of the comments received in the category.

This approach is consistent with the ethics and philosophy of AlterPublishing and preferred to any panel of judges, for commercial purposes or in a publisher's choice.



1. Organization AlterPublishing e-Books Award

AlterPublishing, via its web site, located at 20 rue de la Banque 75002 PARIS, represented by its President, Pascal-Henri POIGET, organizes, from December 2012, The AlterPublishing e-Book Award.

2. Procedures for The AlterPublishing e-Books Award.

The selected books are exclusively downloadable via the website

All books can be awarded, unless otherwise specified by the author.

3. List of categories in the competition.

Categories that can participate in the AlterPublishing e-Books Award are:

  • Comics & Youth
  • Literature & Fiction
  • Culture & Society
  • Lifestyle
  • Nature & Leisure
  • Knowledge
  • School and University
  • Photos

4. Staffing of The AlterPublishing e-Books Award

The Winners of The AlterPublishing eBook Award will be contacted by email and a formal announcement will be made on the website and in the media. Writers in competition and, in particular, winners, allow AlterPublishing to use their names, images, titles and excerpts from their works in all media for internal and external communication (websites, business journals, newsletters, newspaper articles, radio or TV, press programs ...).

5. Responsibilities and rights of the organizers.

The co-sponsors reserve the right, if circumstances dictate, to shorten, extend, terminate, modify the date or time of the competition for The AlterPublishing e-Books Award or cancel without liability to them..

6. Rules consent.

Any participation to the contest constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of these Regulations.

Any issue that may be linked to the application or interpretation of these rules or is not provided by it shall be decided by the co-organizers.